Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yankees/Bestie Weekend: trying to shake the post-Doctor Who funk

After hours of marathon watching and knitting I finished all the current seasons of Doctor Who in record time. I feel an emptiness inside where the Doctor was filling my time and now have been searching for things that are as exciting and stimulating. So far nothing has quite filled the void the Doctor has left, as it is with all his former companions.

In his wake my knitting has become slightly monotonous, unchallenging and, therefore, unsatisfying. I feel I need a project of epic proportions to really get me going again. I am still puttering along with my assigned projects, and am humming away on a few designs, but unfortunately they are all currently in stocking stitch or garter mode and I am loosing my mojo. I need something new, really new. I find myself day-dreaming of complex cable motifs, fair-isle steeking, and involved lacework. Something like a modification of this beauty:

But alas, without significant time, resources and patience for modifying, this project will be but a dream for awhile. So I decided to put down my knitting for a few days and do other things to get me wanting the ol' needles and string again.

This weekend I went to my besties house, we drank wine, ate delicious foods, slept, got up and ate more delicious foods,

(mmmm...bareburger's chicken and waffle brunch)

went shopping for silly things,

hung out with a little furry friend,

took a nap, read,

and went to a Yankees game,

where I admired this gentleman's frock...

...whilst waiting in line for more delicious foods. We really know what works for us and that's what makes our friendship so great. By the time I came home I felt much better, being away from the day-to-day on-goings of life for even a short break works wonders.

I am still pondering my next knitting move, meanwhile, I will finish this scarf, made with scrumptious Sawya by Mirasol Yarns,

and probably start another project, Ana, which I have been dying to make, but involves mostly stocking stitch. So much for getting out of my funk.

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