Friday, March 4, 2011

Today was better than yesterday.

Yesterday I walked into the shop to meet Gail. The bales of yarn in her arms should have warned me, the distressed look on her face should have warned me, her saying, "we have an issue," should have warned me. I promptly threw down my coat and coffee mug and trotted out to the front room. There before me was a wall of collapsing shelves buckled under the weight of wool, alpaca, camel, and merino yarns; needless to say, this was not an auspicious beginning. We proceeded to empty all the shelves in front of us, resigning hope that the shelving could be saved otherwise. Bags and baskets full of yarn were strewn about the shop, people were told to fend for themselves whilst we banged, swore and hammered away at the offending structure. In the end many yarns made their way out to the porch sale baskets, new cottons, linens, and spring like yarn were put in place of the heavy wools from the past season. We stuck the bags of heavy wools and alpacas, which had collapsed our poor shelves to begin with, upstairs for the summer season.

In a delusional stupor later on, we had a sip of tea and decided that the yarn had spoken. The collapse was the shops way of screaming for spring. Even though it has caused us much turmoil and a few years off our lives we now have a beautiful wall full of spring yarns that ring off happiness and hope of warmer weather. I think it was revolting against the 29 degree (fahrenheit) weather outside, or the fact that it has snowed as much in southern New York this winter as much as Buffalo, NY. Regardless, we have decided that it happened for a reason, even though it has left us weathered and ragged.

So I went home with a box full of delicious veggie pizza from Prima's and prepared to have several glasses of wine and work on one of my finishfest projects. It sounded like a good plan right? I thought so too. Luckily, the pizza was par for the course: delicious, filling and perfect. For the wine, well, all I had was Corona Light so I happily replaced grapes for hops. Then I went to start my finishfest project, my Gaia mitts for Shavonne. I opened my computer to retrieve the pattern I had painstakingly created in Intertwined Pattern Studio; it was the works: charts and written instuctions, along with original cables created for the pattern.

It was gone.


And not just that pattern, but every pattern I have created in Intertwined Pattern Studio. All that was left were a sad text edit files where richly created visuals and written instruction used to be. I wanted to cry, slay the creator of said program....but then I remembered that I would be thrown in jail for unintentional manslaughter caused by knitting related duress. A defense that would hold up in any court, but would surely get me some jail time. My rational mind led me away from thoughts of homicide and back to my kitchen where I opened my refrigerator and extracted several more bottles of beer, which I happily consumed and drifted away into a peaceful stupor while watching Craig Ferguson.

Today had to be better than yesterday.

I got up with a slight headache (from what I couldn't say), and had some coffee and oatmeal, knitted for awhile and looked over at my Blackberry Storm, which has been steadily making its decline into non-function for several weeks. I decided today was the day of vindication. I had to out-weight yesterdays mess with a better today. What better way to do that then with some retail therapy?

I set out on my quest, and went from store to store in search of the prodigal phone. Perhaps the most coveted phone in the world: the iPhone 4, Verizon edition. Yes, I had waited years for this day, looking at Apple Insider and Cnet, religiously waiting for the day that Verizon would obtain Apple's contract. Finally the day had arrived..... and Verizon told me my phone update wasn't until June :(

Not to be deterred, my mommzie was generous enough to give me her upgrade and I went from snake oil salesman to used mattress salesman in form of Verizon specialist before I found the right retailer. Three hours after my expedition began I came home with my prize in hand, and I truly feel better. I hope to blow Gail's mind when I walk in the door tomorrow with my new Apple-y goodness. So no matter what tomorrow brings I know today will at least be as good if not better than tomorrow.

Although I have fallen short of my goal I still have something to show you, even if taken in low-light after a glass of wine:

Clockwork (blocked and beautiful):

In the center you will notice a small swatchish shape of fabric. Last night, in between beer two and three I decided to do a little swatching for my next big project to take my mind off the misery of the day. Made of of Quince and co Chickadee in Carrie's Yellow, that bird will be in flight sooner that to be expected.


  1. Don't forget to bring your laptop with you on Saturday and I will see what I can do to fix your pattern issues. Hopefully, we can salvage all your hard and amazing work!

  2. You are so sweet Mark! I am so fortunate to have someone who can potentially recover the work. I guess I will have to buy you some fiber-y goodness as a reward for your efforts ;)

  3. Your happy smile, should our efforts prove successful, will be reward enough. :)