Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February Finishfest (Belated)

I am holding myself accountable....but since I don't trust myself to do this alone I am announcing that I am holding myself accountable. Over the last month I have cast-on so many new projects, designs and shop samples that my head is starting to spin. So here it is, I am going to finish ALL my current WIPs before I allow myself to start fresh in March.

"But wait!" I hear you exclaim, "Isn't it March already?" Why yes, but since February is only 28 days long this year, and by most standard months I usually get 30 to 31 days for a end-of-month finishfest, so I am extending my "knitting February" a few days. A delusional act that will surely yield results, either that or rip a blackhole in the fabric of space/time sucking into it a few unfinished projects never to be heard from again. But I feel that ripping an unintentional hole in the fabric of time for my own selfish knitting needs is a little extravagant, so again, I am holding myself accountable. I will finish my WIPs, and I have you as a witness.

So here's what's on the ol' needles lately:

Clockwork (shop/secretly, to be worn for my own indulgent purposes)

Gaia #2 (a design AND birthday present for Shavonne: this alone should give me incentive to finish before Saturday, right?)

Mercy Falls Cowl (a shop sample/design/and a double knit class tool)

I am going to say look forward to Friday when I show off what I managed to accomplish, but don't hold your breath.

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