Sunday, February 27, 2011

Button thanks.

I have been very fortunate to be given or have had the opportunity to obtain many gorgeous buttons lately. People say I have an unhealthy obsession with buttons; in fact, when I was at Rhinebeck this year most of what I bought were those little, handmade pieces of art.

The beginning of my button obsession began innocently enough. I was wandering around the floor of TNNA last June when I was destined to stumble upon Moving Mud. Instantly my heart was a flutter: hand-forged glass button, closures, pins, rings and many other adornments danced around me in swirls of psychedelic wonder.

(The elemental building block of my obsession shown above.)

Lovely and laid back Sarina gently rocked on her exercise ball while I absorbed the beauty all around me.

It was a rare ecstatic moment: every piece of work clearly had a little bit of soul in it which is what makes Moving Mud so special.

Since then I have slowly been buying up their buttons when ever I am lucky enough to stumble upon them.

But I have to say my most favorite buttons and adornments that I own are the ones that have been made by the people I live with every day. Working at a yarn shop has given me more blessing than I could ever imagine, that being the amazing people I have met and gotten the chance to befriend. I could write pages on each person and how wonderful each and every person is, but for the sake of brevity and sticking to button talk I need to show a few exceptional gifts I have been given recently.

Joanie and I have been getting through the saga of the Peaks Island Hood together. I knit it previously, so every Saturday during riff-raff time her and I had stolen moments of working through her own PIH. After much hair pulling and beers shared at Woody's afterwards, all managed to end well and she loves her new scarf. A few weeks later she gave me a present which I couldn't have anticipated and am so grateful to accept: handmade stitch markers! Cleverly named Wool Stones, I hope Joan of Art starts selling them because they are gorgeous and I am sure will be well received by all us knitters out there.
And finally, but certainly not last are handmade ceramic buttons made by the talented hands of Peggy. After helping her with a sweater over the course of a year, Peggy gave me some of her buttons which I had fawned over before.

Every time I see them I imagine her and her daughter wearing there beautiful sweaters on their journey to India. I am looking forward to the picture of them at the base of the Himalayas in their handmade knitwear.

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