Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yule Tidey Cheer Pattern

Now that there is a nice nip in the air and the leaves have fully changed and mostly fallen I am really getting into the holiday vibe. I love the holiday season, although I know that it is an overwhelming time for many people, I find that it is centering and peaceful. It is one of the rare times in the year that I get to be with my whole family and we really spend time together. Christmas is the somewhat of a yearly miracle in my household. Usually I get woken up by my sister jumping on me and yelling IT'S CHRISTMAS! and then ripping the blankets off me. This is the one day of the year that I wouldn't punch her for doing so. Then we all get up, put on some Christmas tunes, usually by way of James Taylor or Charlie Brown, have coffee and open presents. Then we make an EPIC Christmas brunch together--even my Dad participates (the Baconmaker). Scrambled eggs, french toast made with Challah bread, sausage, bacon via baconmaker, yogurt and fruit, coffee, tea, eggnog and orange juice for good health. Afterwards, usually we are so stuffed we only eat dessert later in the day via the Italian deli in town.

We never turn on the TV, we just play games and slowly people starting trickling in, like friends who don't mind seeing all of us in our jammies, which we never change out of all day. All in all it is a spectacular tradition that came from us living so far away from our extended family. Honestly, I look more forward to this day that any day of the year, perhaps because we simply are allowed to enjoy one another without the outside world pulling on our minds. I wish there were more days during the year where we are allowed to be so detached from the world and so together with our loved ones.

So, as you can imagine, in mid-October I was already starting to anticipate holiday knitting. Some BIG needles came into the shop, I saw a bunch of red yarn that looked nice together, and I saw all the gargantuan cowls in the new magazines for fall/winter. My Yule Log Cowl emerges just a few hours after conception. It took me about an hour or so to knit up and another half and hour to jot down the pattern.

Pattern: Yule Log Cowl by Me!
Needles: US 35
Yarn: Trabajos del Peru (007) 2 skeins; La Gran (6555) 1 or 2 skeins
And: 1 BIG log button

I made it available for free through my Ravelry pattern shop and also here at the shop for some simple, fast holiday knitting.

I usually spend the weeks before Christmas knitting my fingers off making beautiful sweaters or accessories for my Mom and sister. They are knit worthy so I don't mind spending the hours of late night knitting on them. This year I want to make my Mom Na Craga by Alice Starmore.

It's a gorgeous traditional aran sweater, of which she has been asking for for years. So I will grant her a Christmas wish and make it for her. Perhaps in a size that allows me to steal it from the sweater chest every once in awhile;)

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  1. i love it all! and gorgeous picture of you :)