Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tea Leaves Books Dreams

Yesterday is rained all day, which led to a day of mushy earth and sticky leaves.

Being mid-November I saw my window for final yard work rapidly closing. It actually snowed a little bit just last week. So I went outside and saw some pretty leaves floating in my wheel-barrel. Then I grabbed the mower and proceeded to mulch all the rest blowing around my yard.

I came in 2 hours later cold and exhausted, took a hot shower, made some chicken soup for dinner, and then sat down with a cup of tea. As I settled in for a long night of knitting I glanced over at my little table next to me and admired the view.

A little stack of my favorite new books- New England Knits, Brave New Knits and Aran Knitting, which Na Craga hails from. When I feel my stamina dulling I reach for these books to dream about things to come.

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