Friday, November 5, 2010

The Na Craga Christmas Challenge: Day One

They all say it can't be done. That I am crazy to even attempt it. Claire shook her head and said she was getting the sweats just thinking about it. Gail just smiled and nodded while making yarn recommendations, she knew resistance was futile. I had my mind set and that was that. The challenge is to complete Alice Starmore's Na Craga by December 25th. I have the yarn, the pattern and apparently a startling warped sense of knitting realities. I dare say even the Yarn Harlot herself would call me insane if she got wind of what I am trying to attempt here.

So today is Day One of the Challenge out of 50 with 49 left to go. I have already swatched and chosen my yarn-Plymouth Select Worsted Superwash Merino in 29, a lovely heather shade of brown with red undertones. I have my needles at attention and I have cast-on for the ribbing. And I have, if nothing else, my determination to complete this project by my set date.

Now other than feeling a rush of joy when my Mom opens the box on Christmas morning, I have also been promised a celebration if I can achieve my goal. A fiesta at Avacado's for a New Year's"ish" bash-a place that makes guacamole seem like a wonder of the world, where margaritas and tequila runs free, where you can stuff your face and drink until you explode, a place where I will rub in the face of all my doubters my VICTORY! Claire, I will be dreaming about margaritas for the next month and a half ;) Get ready.

I'll be updating frequently on my progess with photos or it didn't happen! (LSG nod) I'll be talking about the pitfalls, the whoas and the joys of knitting one of Alice Starmore's epic sweaters. Hopefully, my journey through this process can answer some questions about the complex and beautiful design of aran knitting and be a great tool for designing in the future. This also could be a diary of a young woman driven to the edge of sanity and reason. I know I'll be walking a fine line between the two, so stay tuned to see which way it swings.

Oh, and I have to figure out something to make for my sister too...any suggestions?

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