Friday, November 19, 2010

Glimpses of Saturday

What makes me most happy on Saturday afternoons is my little group of riff-raff that settle in the shop every weekend and make my day worth the craziness. I owe them a great deal of gratitude since they help put back together what's left of me after a rough day and listen when I have to vent about one thing or another. I've gone to Rhinebeck with them, slept over in Claire's dreamhouse with them and share countless sweet potato fries at Woody's. They even indulge and participate with me when I oogle the crazy hot cook over the counter.

Carol is a little reluctant when it comes to personal photos, but we got the drop on her and caught a rare moment of reflective knitting.

But honestly this is a more accurate photo when she realized what was happening.

Then we have everyones favorite ladies man, Mark. Who I can't say enough wonderful things about- he's knitting his first sweater, Cobblestone, by our favorite Brooklynite, Jared Flood, with delicious Madelinetosh tosh dk in Crumble. I told him I was going to "borrow" it from him when he finished.

He knows I have a serious addiction to the stuff. If it went missing he would immediately know who the culprit was.

Then we have Queen Jean on the left and Nancy of the Spinning Fancy's on the right.

Jean deserves a place among the saints and a spot in the knitter's hall of fame. We have all said that Jean has forgotten more about knitting than we will ever learn. I swear it is true. I have seen remarkable things from this woman, and not just knitting wise. Patience, kindness and a bit of cheekiness: all good things.

Nancy's in a league all her own-a spinner, weaver, dyer, felter, knitter, mad-scientist and she knows the ingredient in contact solution that makes explosives. Not only can you escape into a world of colorful roving when you enter her shop, you can exclaim your excitement with any expletive you prefer upon the rush of joy experienced.

I can't say I have mentioned everyone in this post who deserves it. I simply thought to recognize some of my favorite people after taking a bunch of nice photos today. This last one is my favorite yet though.

That's the back of Na Craga, almost complete. How sweet.

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