Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 5, 45 left: NCCC

Plugging along here with the Na Craga challenge. I think I have made considerable headway in the short time I have had with it so far. So much that I feel confidant that I could finish this before Christmas, as long as I don't insert too much extra into my knitting schedule.

I have gotten about 16" into the front side of my sweater out of 23" and I haven't had any problems. The design is intuitive and symmetrical. In fact, my favorite thing about this design is that I haven't had to refer to the charts since the first repeat. One of the keys to success in any pattern is making it intuitive enough to repeat without constant reminders. The cables appear at least every other row and the waffle stitch on either side of the cable pattern changes every two rows. The brain is very good at recognizing patterns, even if you don't have a "mathematical mind", as I don't, your brain is given a little reminder, ex. on the third round of the braided cable the honeycomb or the horseshoe cable needs to repeat as well. It's a subtle and under-rated aspect of pattern design. When a knitter has to juggle several variables that aren't cohesive the more likely we are to eff-up and give up on a project.

I have to give this design an A+ so far. I can see why it has been so popular for beginning cablers and advanced knitters alike. Very smart Alice. At this rate I should beat the White Rabbit.

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