Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Exercise in Restraint

Today was a big day at the shop; my order of Madelinetosh arrived this morning while I was in the midst of reorganizing the epic shop mess from the previous weekend. I was a good girl and cleaned up the shop and then proceeded to unpack all 50 colors of tosh merino light that were inside that glorious box. It was like Christmas morning, not only because my Christmas present from Gail was inside that box, but the joy of digging though every new color brought me a new unexpected joy.

At the end of the day I shoved all my new acquisitions inside my bag and brought them home to roost. Clockwise from the top they include: calligraphy, ink, olivia and venetian. They joined an already extensive pile of Madelinetosh that I have squirreled away for my "after Christmas" knitting, otherwise know as selfish knitting. One of the reason I have been so antsy to finish the Na Craga challenge is this pile of beautiful yarn I have waiting for me.

To make my knitter's ADD even worse than it already is, I just ordered a few skeins of Tern from Quince & co. A new yarn company from Pam Allen and Carrie Bostick Hoge; the yarn is made from 100% American Wool with a beautiful palette desirable by any knitter. Tern is actually the only yarn from Quince that is an anomaly, with 75% wool/25% silk to make a silky soft fingering weight wool.

For now Quince it is a direct-to-knitter company, still small enough for personal touches to be added to each order. (Bottom: Barnacle, Top: Kelp)

After tearing open the color card I ordered along with Tern I basked in the colorful array that waits for me in the future. I am already designing sweaters and accessories in my head with this rich palette, which I know will only expand 10-fold.

Every snip is taken with Chickadee, their sport/dk weight wool, which is perfect because I already have big plans for these little birds. Let's just say I am waiting for another birdie launch to best demonstrate the qualities of this lovely yarn.

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