Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Peak

A little taste of what I have been working on for the last week.

I ordered a few skeins of Madelinetosh DK from a Ravelry Swap or Sell and what a great deal I got. Two beautiful, buttery soft skeins arrived in my mail box a few days later. I opened the envelop and I had a moment of shining awe similar to the Pulp Fiction briefcase. Needless to say, this yarn was soul satisfying. I whipped out my favorite new book, Whimsical Little Knits 2, by my favorite designer, Ysolda Teague. I chose the Peaks Island Hood, a hooded scarf that buttons to keep it snugly in place. I couldn't help wrapping it around my head as I was making it just to see how the yarn felt in the pebbly seed stitch, yum.

My little sister is moving out to Minneapolis later this summer, which is a good thing for her but I will miss her terribly. It's a good thing she found a nice big apartment because I am going to be visiting her all the time. I have to figure out where the good second hand book stores and yarn shops are before I venture out there.

I wanted to wrap her up in my hand knits to keep her warm in the cold winter climate she is moving to. This toasted yellow wrap isn't the first but won't be the last thing I make to keep her close to me in my own way and warm. Modeled pictures to follow by a little sister begrudgingly photographed.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Made A Hat!

Don't laugh. It's another Twilight inspired pattern. I know you're laughing, but I don't care. I just can't help myself.

So here's the story. I went to see the midnight showing of Eclipse with my sister, and even though there were screaming adolescence all over the place I STILL enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed the movie so much I was inspired to recreate the hat I saw Kristen Stewart wearing.

It was oversized, tweedy, with a thick band of ribbing to pull over the ears, in my book a perfect hat. It's so perfect that it is actually unisex. I think anyone could get this hat onto a man without him guessing the source material. If you have seen or read anything Twilight related, Bella is a little bit of a wallflower when it comes to wardrobe, which is one thing I can relate to, so it's no surprise to see her wearing a hat that she could have taken from the guy's side of the GAP (I was going to say Edward's closet, but I felt myself going too far over the edge).

I took a quick screen capture of my inspiration just to have something to refer to and set out to work the next day. I wanted to make this hat as close to original as possible, so I spent most of the night straining my eyes against the computer screen to see exactly how many rows were knit in which color. I am very pleased with my finished product--I think it's as close to the original as anyone is going to get.

I finished knitting and writing up this hat in record time so it's up in my pattern shop via Ravelry now. There is also a link in my sidebar. Enjoy my peeps.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tinkering Away...

For any of you that still read this little blog, you can see I have been tinkering away behind the scenes. I went out to TNNA in Ohio just a few weeks ago and came back charged up with creative energy. It was the kick in the ass I needed to put my patterns up on Ravelry and share them with the rest of the knitting world.

The wonderful people I met at the convention were encouraging, compassionate and chuck full of knowledge willing to be shared (along with Jeni's Ice Cream :::droolz:::) I can say I am ready to take the leap into the industry in whatever form it will have me. I absolutely loved getting to share in the biggest convention of the year and getting to experience this world in a way I didn't know was possible. So here's to possibilities!

Take a look at my side bar for pattern links to my Ravelry Pattern Shop.