Tuesday, September 8, 2009

End of Summer

I am a woman obsessed. Obsessed with what, you say? ETSY.com! I spend possibly 99% of my online time on Etsy looking at beautiful handmade things. I first got a taste for my addiction when I started ordering vintage buttons for my hand-knit sweaters, then it graduated to hand-dyed yarn for my Mom's birthday shawl. Now, I find myself completely absorbed in searching for hand-spun yarns to create something small and beautiful for myself. Which brings me to this gem, End of Summer:

The colors are soft and gentle like the "in-between" season we are in, and seem to be calling my name. I must have this little skein so I can wear my favorite time of year around my neck all winter long.

The last few weeks has been a whirlwind, but I am thankful for a few wonderful things that have happened to make it all worth it. FIrst, my besties coming to see me for one last weekend of Fun Times before school, work and life divides us for awhile. Second, Charlotte's quickly becoming such a large part of my life, and being adopted by a wonderful little family that makes it all happen. I was so tickled the first day that I poured over myaddiction.com (etsy) to find the perfect apron to wear there:

And a close up for good measure:

This is one of my favorite new boutique's on Etsy, Sassy Apron. I have to buy the little Owls apron on my next purchase. Oh, Etsy, you will bankrupt me slowly. Then I will live in a box with all my beautiful handmade things.

Speaking of handmade things, here's a sneak peek of my soon-to-be sweater:

;) Meggo

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