Sunday, February 15, 2009

A New Friend

Something's a cookin' in my head. The sight of melting snow and temperature's hovering just over freezing inspires me to create something a little lighter, a bit girlie, and flowery. So I searched Ravelry's patterns for something to inspire me and I came up with 0.00 results. I decided the only thing to do was create whatever was flowering in my imagination myself. I went to Barnes and Noble for some assistance and found a new friend.

I did finish my Climbing Vines Pullover, but I have been wearing it so much that I haven't had a real chance to take a photo. I'll post a picture soon. All I can say it is my favorite sweater that I I have knit so far. Everything I modified worked out perfectly. I can't wait to flaunt it.

I am very happy with my most recent creation: Noro Glittens. To go with my Bandwagon scarf. They are quite cute.

I didn't use a pattern, they just sprung from my head and onto my needles. I don't have any notes, but if anyone is looking for a bulky weight pair of glittens, I can write down what I did.

Also, check out this beautiful, elegant stole by Mel of Purling Plans. It is so lovely. Will be waiting impatiently for my spring interweave to arrive so I can make it :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Things to Come

I am very excited about this one, and I am so close to finishing that the final product might be up in just a few days. I did some special modifications with this. I hope they work out the way I am hoping.

I have a few more little projects that I have been working on as well. They need just a few more touches to be complete. They also might be for special people who aren't allowed to see them until they are unwrapped. Soon.