Saturday, October 25, 2008

This needs to win all awards...

Just give Tina Fey all the Emmy's everywhere. Seriously. And possibly the Nobel Peace Prize as well.
Not only has she made me piss my pants laughing every week since Puppet Head came into the McCain campaign, but she has highlighted weekly just how transparent and dangerous Sarah Palin is.
But sweariously, I am a worried if McRage and Puppet Head get to the White House full out global warfare will result in retaliation to America's imbecility. Even Canada, our piney-fresh friends to the north. I really can't blame the rest of the world after eight years of being Bushwhacked. A country that could be so easily duped into voting for "McRage" and Puppet Head after Bush deserves to be revoked of its sovereignty. A majority of imbecile's cannot be trusted to lead a global superpower, as we have learned over the past eight years. So vote smart people, so we don't get spanked with hockey sticks by the Canadians.

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