Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shopping Sprees and Sexism

As each day passes and the "most historic election in history" draws closer, I become more and more disgusted by the media. This morning I looked at The Huffington Post and saw splashed in big red letters, "$150,000 Shopping Spree!: Palin Clothes Spending has Dems Salivating, Republicans Disgusted".
I know it's my idealism rearing it's beauteous head again, but I simply cannot believe that this is the shit the media harps on. It reduces the presidential campaign to the entertainment value of The Hills. I am waiting for Joan Rivers to pop up next to Sarah Palin and ask her "who's she's wearing?" at the next rally she heads.
If we are going to rip Sarah Palin a new asshole, let's do it the right way. Nail her about her complete incompetence in politics, her inadequate experience and shoddy education, her "real america" comments, her irresponsible parenting, or allowing herself (and her family) to be used as a puppet by the good ol' boys of the GOP all while still claiming to be a "feminist". Please girl, playing to be one of the boys while still being a sexy minx is not being a feminist. It's playing into every man's Laura Croft, wet dream fantasy. I can hear it now, "She's one kick-ass, sexy bitch!" Right? She should just field dress a moose in a white tee shirt in the rain and get it over with.
This brings me back to my original issue--the "shopping spree". I know why the media harped on this one--it's easy to criticize a woman for her appearance and habits connecting to her appearance. It's what society has done to women throughout history. The most recent casualty of this rampant and socially acceptable sexism was Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately for her she was on the other-side of this sexist coin--she was the mannish looking, shrewish woman. In reality, she is an intelligent, wise, independent-minded, strong-willed, confident woman. But naturally, these characteristics that are celebrated in men are rejected in women. Maybe if she wore cute skirt suits and stiletto's while debating about foreign affairs with a folksy accent she would be the presidential nominee too?
But seriously, why listen to me? These two say it so much better.

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