Thursday, October 23, 2008

Koolhaas and Faux Bois... a fancy way of saying I made a hat and a scarf.

I am smitten with this hat. It's lovely, it's tweedy, it's soft, warm, complementary and currently in the mail on it's way to my sister's waiting head. A little pre-Christmas present if you will. I finished this little hat so quickly the thought of it waiting two whole months to be worn was unbearable, especially since it's particularly cold up in the Berkshire's right now. The color will look beautiful on her. I will have to get her to send me a photo of her wearing it, but for now my head will have to do as a model.

Pattern: Koolhaas Hat by Jared Flood [brooklyntweed]
Yarn: Classic Elite Portland Tweed in Best Teal
Needles: Addi Turbo US 6 16" for ribbing; Plymouth Bamboo dpns US 8 for body
Mods: None!

I love Jared Flood-I think he is my knitting soulmate. His tweedy, rustic designs inspire me to tweed out all year round. I am still pondering whether to modify the Cobblestone Pullover to a Cobbleletta Pullover to accommodate curves. Now only to choose the right tweed to go with it? The Portland Tweed is certainly in the running.

Now onto another knitter who knows the pleasure of a rustic knit. Adrian Bizilia, the genius behind Hello Yarn has come up with another gorgeous pattern for me to knit and love. Available through the Twist Collective's Premiere Issue, Faux Bois lives up to its name.

My little log scarf is so cute, and most importantly, my first successfully steeked piece. Yes, I cut it. Yes, I was nervous. So far there has been no unraveling.

I attached the I-cord edging before I cut the steek to re-enforce it just in case there was unraveling. Then I steamed it flat--with trepidation. Still, no unraveling. I took a chance cutting this yarn without sewing it first because it's only 30% wool, but I guess it was just enough for it to cling together.

I am very happy with the results so far. I have to find a nice bit of silk for the lining and then for the worst part...sewing :( But I will do it! This scarf deserves to be worn! Now go make one for yourself.

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