Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Late Summer Means Sunflowers

I love the colors of late summer and autumn. Everything is hot and tired looking from being out in the hot sun all summer, and in response the summers last gasp blooms colors burnt and rich. My favorite of all these is the sunflower: August's flower. Everywhere I go there are fields of sunflowers blooming, and reminds me how no matter how worn and tired I can become, something beautiful is still possible. Perhaps even the most beautiful thing of all?

The feeling that late summer has brought on me has trickled into my knitting, especially with the help of Twist Collective's new fall edition.

I have started making Wisteria [ravelry], a beautiful, autumnal looking pattern by Kate Gilbert. What can I say about it besides I LOVE IT! I have never had a sweater look so beautiful before at such an early stage. I could not have chosen a better yarn to make this sweater look and feel like a fall day: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Amber Heather. It glows in the sun with golden and green undertones, and the rusty color makes the palate created look like trees in Autumn.

More to come on this beauty shortly....but for now I will go outside to look at the sunflowers, follow their lead and bend towards the afternoon sunlight.


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