Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunshine Through Lace

Today is Day One of unveiling new finished and in progress project. The first in this series is "Secret Summer Lace" project. I made the "Wing o' the Moth" shawl by Anne Hansen of Knitspot, and my oh my is it lovely. It only took me 2 weeks to complete, which is super fast. This pattern was so intuitive and gorgeous that it just flew off my needles. Also, my mother's birthday is right around the corner and I wanted to finish it very quickly. And I did--14 days early!

I got a bit carried away with the pictures, but the sunlight and greenery through the window complimented it so well that my camera just kept snapping away.

The only problem I had was a yarn shortage. This pattern really does take 900 yards of lace. You will not get away with just 880yds, like my skein had. But everything turned out well. I omitted lines 11-14 of the Corona Chart C at the end and everything turned out perfectly. I am glad I made that choice early on because this is all the yarn I had left over:

Barely enough to finish another row! Let alone four extra rows!

And just for fun here is a pre-blocked lumpy picture of Mothy, measuring a mere 55x22, which blossomed to a full 86x36 post bath and block;)


Pattern: Wing o' the Moth by Anne Hansen [ravelry]
Yarn: Beyond Basic Rose Petal Lace [etsy shop]
Needles: US 5 32" Addi Lace; 1 US 8 Susan Bates for bind-off row
Mods: Because of yarn shortage, I cut out lines 11-14 of Corona Chart C, but it still looks super hot.

Tomorrow, hopefully pictures of Wing o' the Moth shawl on a human person! a.k.a. my sister ;) PHOTOSHOOT!

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