Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Humidity Daze, Bayou Blues, Earthy Socks and Perennial Flowers

As far as Summer goes, I have never been one for blistering heat and tropical humidity, but if you live in New York these are some of the things one must get accustomed to: climate crisis anyone? So today, Day Next, of unveiling some knitting projects I will try and embrace some of the wondrous things of summer that can tend to get lost in a humid daze. Therefore, I will create my own "Summer Love" Meme to encourage me to enjoy the summer despite the heat (and sweatiness).

1. The sound and feeling of a fan blowing on me during a hot night.
2. Listening to the New Orleans Blues station on iTunes radio, making me feel as if I was living in the French Quarter (if only Funroe was that fun). They play crackily, old records, which makes me very happy.
3. Fireflies
4. Giant, cool summer salads with grilled chicken, in substitute for cooking dinner ;) p.s. that is for my whole family, not just me. The olives are super delicious: Kalamata and Italian soaked in olive oil and garlic, YUM!

5. Swimming in the ocean, the smell of the ocean, the sound of the ocean, sand, seashells: anything beach or ocean related.
6. Clam Cakes and Chowder from Narragansett
7. Del's Lemonade Quite honestly, one of the best things about summer, life and Rhode Island. If you are there pull over at "the sign of the lemon." You won't be disappointed.
8. Long days of sunlight
9. Reading in my hammock
10. Ice water
11. Flowers and gardening--lush vegetation

New Perennial Flowers:

Top left to right: Black-eyed Susan's, little white rose bush, purple garden bloomer, black-eyed Susan's.
Bottom: Two lavender bushes (all purchased at BJ's for 29.95 total! cheaps)

Overgrown weeds:

Replacing Overgrown weeds with flowers within the next week. I need to buy a tanker full of Roundup.

12. Knitting, duh! Newly started socks with Zitron Trekking Pro Natura on US size 1 Crystal Palace Bamboo DPNS. [ravelry]

Nothing special about these guys. They are just straight up stocking-knit stitch socks knit over 64 sts, with, hopefully, a short-row heel. Not every project can be a glorious as Mothy.

So what are your favorite things about summer? Consider yourself tagged for "Summer Love" meme by meggo.

Tomorrow is my birthday, yay. I am very fortunate to share my birthday with J.K. Rowling and her literary hero, Harry Potter. I am not ashamed in the slightest that I LOVE the series. I really have to make something Gryffindor related soon. I was thinking these socks with the house of Gryffindor colors of maroon and gold? [ravelry] Pom-poms and all. I hope to get birthday money to buy more yarn, take some lovely pictures, and have a good time. Until next time.

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  1. love it all. Your love makes me love summer too, miserable urban dwelling and all. I am renting a parking spot which means I have a car again which means I will be visiting you soon...