Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tweeding Out Here!

Not only did I score a bag of Rowan Felted Tweed on my last trip to the City, but it is currently working hard to become my most wanted sweater of the century, no millennium. I am hard at work modifying the goodness that is the Tangled Yoke Cardigan from Interview Fall '07 into Meggos Top-Down Tangled Yoke Henley Pullover. I suppose it's what the Rainey Sisters did, but I am doing it in reverse and with some of my own things too. I was thinking about decorative buttons on the Henley V? The Tweed has flecks of black, white and light blue...perhaps, small buttons in those colors? Opinions? :) The best news so far is that I am almost done with the Celtic Braid AND I took a successful picture of it that I think even brooklyntweed would like :)

Also, I FINISHED my first top-down cardigan and I really love it. I want to model it for everyone, but I haven't found the appropriate shirt to wear underneath yet! Soon, I promiise. But to sooth the want of a FO I give you Glimmering Birch fini!

Jan was so pleased with her new shawl, and so am I! It was perfect for her and she wore it out that night for mother's day :)

I also went a little snap happy with my camera...birch is very photogenic, you know?

Updates on my TY-Pullover very soon:) I really am in love with it. I feel like I need a nice lace project to weigh out the sweater :) until next time.

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