Sunday, May 4, 2008

Is my idealism showing?

Anger and rage, I say!

But..perhaps this is the invasive and uncomfortable push into our lethargic American lives that is necessary to make the war and energy crisis real. Since this country worships money hitting us where it really hurts might just push everyone enough out of their indifference and apathy into some sort of action.

This republic is in a state of limbo--like many people who stay in bad relationships (in whatever form), because they cannot conceive of a different type of life, a better way. They are convinced that the potential for happiness does not exist, or worse, that it is not deserved. How scared is everyone into believing that moving away from the imposed conception of the original archetype would crumble the structure to its foundation? But moving away, moving up creates perspective..moving away would help us see how damaging it was, and how good it can be--no, WILL BE. Our limbo has caused us to fall into a funk, a depression, and fear. It is a frightening thing to make a change and take a risk, but what if that leap of faith leads us closer to that perfect republic that was the original hope for this country?

I know holding onto the aesthetic archetype of politician for all these years has damaged us so deeply--we have been taught to look for qualities in people superficially that only exist in the human soul. I don't want to feel placated, I never have, I want to be recognized. I want to recognize that hope and that original, beautiful idea for humanity in someone else. Our founders drew their blueprints for the foundation of this republic from the best ideas that humanity had to offer, whether it be from philosophy, economics, political science, theology and so on, in hopes that these fundamental ideas would guide us to that perfect republic they envisioned. But that place can only exist if the people who are entrusted with running this republic carry within them those same ideas--undamaged and unpolluted--with an unselfish conviction for them.

But when I read back over my thoughts my hopeful idealism seems so naive in the face of our problems. But I am just one voice, perhaps a few millions more might seem more convincing? :) Audaciously hoping....


  1. ok, excuse me, i love you and this is awesome. hooray!

  2. Yes, and it's great - I love it!! Thanks for posting this. I had the joy of watching my home state do it's part last night :)