Tuesday, April 22, 2008

To Oil Company CEO's:

Go Fuck Yourself and stop Fucking us!

In case you can't see that price in full because of the pole it says $3.73 for 87. Now I know that some out west are suffering a bit more. When reading Crazy Aunt Purls recent entry I saw that LA gas prices have soared to $3.85 a gallon, and even crazier in Hawaii, $4.00. I today I felt this tsunami moving eastward when I glanced at the gas sign as I was driving home and almost drove into a pole. What the fuck is going on? I want to kick politicians in the shins really hard and scream, "FIX IT YOU ASSHOLES!"

Feeling impotent with rage I did the only thing a reasonable person could do: I bought sock yarn and ice cream.

Well, maybe the only thing a reasonable knitter could do :) isn't it pretty? It's Trekking Handart in Feuerland. I think I will be making a very simple sock with this to show off the yarn. Perhaps I'll try my hand at toe-up socks for something new.

I know I said I would be performing birch surgery soon, but I feel like I should take it to my LYS to get some assistance from the lovely ladies there. So hopefully she will be fixed by the end of the week :::crosses fingers:::. In other Birch related news I have started a new one in Rowan Kidsilk Night Starlight:

I am about six repeats in right now. Glimmering Birch [ravelry] is for one of my Mom's co-worker's. She saw my Birch and decided she had to have one of her own. So this is my first commissioned knitted piece. I have no idea what to charge for something like this? I was thinking a certain price, then the women at Sticks and Stings said, NO, $300 at least!" That seems a bit high to me, but perhaps I am not thinking about the true value of the piece. A hand-knit lace shawl with Rowan KSN--how much should it be worth?

On to the boring knitting: I am making a Clapotis out of Koigu KPPPM for a friend's birthday.

Of course, I ran out of yarn. I searched on Ravelry for the correct amount of KPPPM to use, and the average was three. So I bought three. Three was not enough. So I called Sticks and Strings and had them hold another skein for me. This pattern is a serious snore, but I have to finish it for the b-day deadline. So I am treating this project like a band-aid: rip it off quick to avoid unnecessary pain. I'm almost done with it. I am sure a FO post will be in the near future.

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